Highlights of the Strudengau area are the castle of Grein and the unique historic theater as well as the castle Clam where a lot of concerts take place every year.

The beautiful natural environment is full of opportunities for a great time with friends or family. 


The Castle Greinburg keeps watching on the city Grein and Strudengau. It is austrias oldest residential castle and impresses with elegance and grandeur of its historical festival rooms. 

An other great highlight is the historic city theatre Grein, which was built in 1791 by the citizens of Grein. In the theatre there can still be found original seats that had to be locked and unlocked with a small key and more. 


  • historic city theatre Grein (1791) and museum
  • historic city tours
  • castle Greinburg
  • OÖ Schifffahrtsmuseum
  • "Galerie in Granit" am Kalvarienberg
  • Castle Clam

cultural highlights

  • Greiner Sommerspiele
  • Donaufestwochen Strudengau - opera production
  • craft fair
  • Greiner Dilettantengesellschaft
  • Clam Concerts

leisure offer

  • (bike) ferry "d'Überfuhr" from Grein to Wiesen
  • danube cycle route Passau - Wien
  • hiking paths - Stillensteinklamm, Gobelwarte, Donausteig and more
  • climbing gym Grein
  • boat tour Strudengau Danube
  • outdoor pool Grein
  • tennis court Grein


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