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The Strudengau

The Strudengau is full of secrets. Let yourself be inspired and excited about this in many places undiscovered and authentic remaining region.
Wheter you are planning a vacation, a corporate event, a seminar or a school event, or if you want to spend time with your family and friends - come to the Strudengau and enjoy the relaxed diversity and variety in the fields of culture, pleasure, nature, hiking, cycling, wellness, spa, lakes and much more. Refill your energy in every season of the year!

visiting Grein

Visitors can see the idyllic location of Grein already at the arrival. Here the powerful historic Danube river combines with the pristine gentle Mühlviertler hilly landscape. The pearl of the Strudengau with her nostalgic charm offers a lot - Greinburg Castle, the historical Stadttheater (1791) and much more - start discovering!

Charming restaurands, backerys, confectionaries and cafés invite you to spend relaxed hours there.

activities & highlights


  • historical theater (1791) & town museum
  • city walks in the historical center
  • Greinburg castle: yard, knights hall, Sala terrena, Coburger rooms
  • OÖ Maritime museum
  • „Galerie in Granit“ /Kalvarienberg

cultural highlights

  • summer theater
  • Donaufestwochen im Strudengau - opera production
  • art and craft market
  • Greiner Dilettantengesellschaft - theater production


  • bike and passenger ferry „d’Überfuhr“ from Grein to Wiesen
  • Danube cycling path from Passau to Wien
  • hiking path – Stillensteinklamm, Gobelwarte, Donausteig
  • climbing and bouldering hall Grein
  • take a ship on the Danube through the Strudengau
  • outdoor swimming pool
  • tennis