Echte Dinge funktionieren ganz einfach. Und genau so funktionieren Deine Ferien auf dem Schacherhof. Abwechslungsreiche Ferien im Mühlviertel garantiert.


We live on this rich in tradition and wonderful farm in the lower Mühlviertel and work here with lots of love for nature, animals and humans.

Maybe you can feel our love for life already at your arrival.

We are happy to offer you a taste of our homemade and homegrown products.


You can get a first impression about life on the Schacherhof in our GALLERY.


from left:Johann, Lucia, Margarete, Eva, Sarah
from left:Johann, Lucia, Margarete, Eva, Sarah

Joy in life

Being constantly available and online is often quite stressful.

Let us take steps towards a more conscious and aware way of living, where there is space for creativity, personal growth and a higher quality of life.